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I have been stamping for over 17 years(seems crazy when I type it)! It started as a hobby I picked up from some of my coworkers. We all work in Radiology and we got together a few times a month to do a make and take cards or little projects. In the beginning, it was a novelty and a hobby since I had never been exposed to card making before. I will say in the years to follow I ebbed and flowed with my interest in cards. Then one day, I decided to get out my stamping stuff and make a card for my niece and nephew.....little as they were at the time, the smiles on their faces made my heart swell. I also made cards for my grandparents. People started to compliment me on my designs, much to my surprise. Well.... time passed and I created holiday cards for 12 little friends, and two grandparents for each and every holiday. Sadly, all the grandparents have passed on, but thankfully, I have added more little friends in their places.Through the years, I have gotten pictures, videos and so many words of love on how much these kids appreciate getting their OWN mail each month. So my hobby is now OFFICIALLY an obsession! After a lot of dedication and hard craft work ;), I have a blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages as well!  Now even before I finish a card, a new idea is already brewing. I spend most of my free time(let's face it, even my falling asleep moments) looking for new ideas or cool uses for something I might already have designed, but with a differnet stamp set or element. I have so many NEW ideas to share with you in the NEW year!
I would love to have you join my team: The Rainbow Stampers! There is an abundant and amazing amount of inspiration all around you. You just need to open your eyes and enjoy the ride!
Until next time.......
Stay Crafty!  XO Rach